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Get Comfortable...

Some things to know


First time at a club is always a little daunting, you don't know anyone or even who is in charge. And it could be that the folk you need to talk to are in the middle of a game.

Not to worry, We're an approachable club. Talk to anyone and they will point you in the right direction.

Here are some pointers as to how things work.

We provide Shuttles

  • Practice and "warm-up" shuttles are either close to the net-stands or on the floor

  • New Shuttles should be taken from the tube only when needed for Games - try to use the previous game shuttle before taking a new one to help us manage costs.

Empty courts can be used by anyone who is sitting for warm up or practice

  • If you haven't talked to someone in charge please check when games come off

  • Play is "Pick-up" so the groups tend to self select. If you stand-up when a court becomes free, members will know you are ready to play

On the court

  • USAB/IBF rules are used.

  • Games start quickly with minimal or no further warm-up after an initial warm-up. 

  • Once teams are agreed and sides chosen we toss a shuttle into the air and when it lands the side to which it points are declared the serving side to start off the game.

  • If we are busy, play is limited to 1 game to 21 points. Otherwise groups my elect to play more than one game but we prefer not if people are waiting to get into the rotation.

  • Disputes arise occasionally, either over the score or sometimes with line calls. Please be courteous, we are here for fun first, no prizes are awarded.

    • In the case of line calls ultimately the decision rests with the side where the shuttle landed. Please accept their decision gracefully.

    • In the case of the score, rather than get into this situation, call the score loudly after each point. If you do disagree, please agree a mutually acceptable restart quickly and without rancor, and try to make sure you call out the score loudly thereafter.

  • At the end if the game we shake hands across the net with all players.  

Singles play

  • IF there are free courts by all means start a game of singles, if however people are sitting, do check that they don't want to play before you start a game.


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